Creativity and Play

Play is vital and necessary for children. I’m always finding a lot of great articles and videos about the importance of play. Here are a few of my favorites, and some more quotes I love about play. Enjoy!


Encouraging creativity everyday - I love to hear about how other kids are creating and using materials. I’ve seen an increase in the projects my kids make since reorganizing their arts and crafts supplies and making them more attractive and accessible. It’s all about the process, not the product.

The Importance of Creative Play - I love this! In particular, I appreciate the discussion of how kids practice social skills all the time when they play. Kids learn social skills through play.

Don’t Let Your Preschoolers Forget How To Play - I’m so glad my son goes to a preschool where they know the importance of play, and he gets to play daily. He loves all the pretend play items at school.

The Brain Loves to Play, and Here’s Why - 7 Reasons why the brain loves play, I particularly love #4 and #6.

The Importance of Play - A great example of how play can be transformative for kids. It’s not “just play” they are skills for life - Love it!


This video of Opal School Children discussing play is amazing! The joy and excitement on the kids faces is wonderful to watch!

Playful learning equals brain gains - A great podcast from Annie Fox talking with Deborah McNelis about how play influences brain development.

Here are 5 more pictures with my favorite quotes!

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