Simple and Fun Activities and Crafts for Kids

Simple and Fun Activities and Crafts for Kids

We like to do crafting projects using things we generally have in the house. It makes it quick and easy to set up play times. Check out our favorite fun and easy craft posts. Try one and let me know how it goes!

Paper Blocks

Our very first Pinterest in Real Life. Of course, it didn’t go how I expected, but we still had fun playing!

Playing with Cardboard Boxes inspired by Not a Box

They made rockets, hideouts, even a little breakfast nook, all because they were inspired by Not a Box. I love when reading inspires playing!

Make Your Own Game

My kids made up their own game and we played it constantly during the winter months when we were stuck indoors.

Oobleck Fun

Messy fun that only requires two ingredients. Check it out for for simple sensory fun.

Paper Plate Owls

It’s all in how you fold the paper plate. Then you can get creative!

Cardboard Box Puppet Theater

We just got a cardboard box from the recycling bin, cut out some rectangles and added duct tape (and googly eyes - because why not). We made our own really simple popsicle stick puppets as well.

Paper Fish

All you need is scissors and paper. This kept the kids busy for so long on vacation. And now my son still makes them, it’s awesome!

Paper Airplanes

We love paper airplanes, we make them once a week or so.

Coffee Filter Suncatchers

We were able to do this activity when we were on vacation in Toronto. It doesn’t require much at all.

Paper Plate Animals

Super easy, all you need is paint or markers and paper plates and maybe cotton balls. Ours may not be cute, but we spent some time playing together.


What’s your favorite quick and easy craft to do with your kids?

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