5 Great Videos about The Importance of Play

5 Great Videos about the Importance of Play from Encourage Play

I love watching videos about the importance of play and how it affects children and adults. Play is so wonderful, and it’s how we learn. Check out my five favorite videos about play here.


Opal School

This is a great video of kids talking about how much they love play, creativity and how that impacts them in their work at school. Amazing!



Dr. Stuart Brown TED talk

This is a wonderful talk about the importance of play. Dr. Brown specifically highlights the importance of social play - “if you want to belong, you need social play” I completely agree!  Social play is key to making connections to others. Read a more in depth explanation of this TED talk here.




Steve Keil: A Manifesto for Play

Play makes a difference in the workplace. Play helps with emotional and cognitive development, and helps us improve our decision making skills.





Dr. Tim Brown TED Talk

This TED talk is fun to watch just for the audience participation alone. There are foam darts thrown onto the stage! One point he makes that I love  - Play isn’t anarchy. There are social scripts and rules that kids follow. In order to participate in play, kids need to know the social scripts. Read more of what I thought about this talk here.




Takaharu Tezuka: The best kindergarten you’ve ever seen

This is so awesome to see. The design is gorgeous, and perfect for encouraging kids to play, take risks and be creative. And RUN! It’s so much fun to watch.



Do you have a favorite video about play?

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