TED Talk by Dr. Stuart Brown

TED Talk Dr. Stuart Brown Encourage Play

I recently watched a really interesting TED talk by Dr. Stuart Brown from the National Institute for Play.  He talks about the importance of play. Here are some of his major points:

  • Play is more than just fun, it is practical, makes you more adaptable and is important for our survival

  • Play actually has an impact on the brain

  • There is a biological component to play; animals play in nature

  • His project “From Play to Innovation” focuses on bringing creative thinking, innovation and problem solving in the workplace.  One thing they talk about is how to make meetings less boring. What a good topic!

  • There are several different types of play. Dr. Brown specifically highlights the importance of social play - “if you want to belong, you need social play” I completely agree!  Social play is key to making connections to others.

I really enjoyed this TED talk and would highly recommend that you take a few minutes and watch it.  I especially love the clips with the different species of animals playing and animals and humans playing together.  Very cool talk!!

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