Encourage Play Summer Giveaway

Summer is the time for playing! To encourage play, we’re doing a giveaway, full of toys and games that are fun to play AND can help kids learn social skills. Here are some of my favorite toys and games that we’ve collected for our giveaway! These games can be used at home on a playdate, in a counselor’s office, or for playtime in a classroom.


Two Games from Peaceable Kingdom

Peaceable Kingdom games are some of my favorites for helping kids learn social skills. All of their games are cooperative, which means all the players have to work together to win the game. What a fun way to practice cooperation and working together.

Lemonade Shake Up

About the game from Peaceable Kingdom:

Lemonade for sale! Work as a team to make and serve enough cups of lemonade to fill your money jar. Shake up the dice and roll for the match! Get the ingredients needed to serve a customer and add a few quarters to the money jar. Miss the match, and it’s a sour lemon for the team. Cooperate to win! No reading required. Ages 4+

Lemonade ShakeUp lifestyle.jpg



About the game from Peaceable Kingdom:

A mischievous mouse has snuck into the cats’ garden and stolen their bowl of delicious treats! To get their treats back, the four cats must surround the mouse before he escapes under the garden fence. Players will need to use teamwork and strategy to catch the mouse and win the game. Ages 6+


Rush Hour Junior

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 10.12.39 AM.png

Although it can be played as a one player game, two kids can work together to figure out how they get the ice cream truck out. It can take some patience (you can’t just grab, or pick up a car to get the ice cream truck out; you have to talk to the person you are working with), and there’s a fair amount of strategy. Ages 5+


OgoSport Hand Trampoline

May FB Physical CSK.jpg

This toy is like a trampoline that you hold in your hand. Bounce the included koosh ball up and down and then back and forth with another person. Of course, you can also make up your own ways to play. This toy encourages working with a partner and communicating with another person. It also encourages locomotor play - a type of play that focuses on the joy of movement. It's a ton of fun! Ages 3 - 10


Rory’s Story Cubes ® Set of Three -

Original, Actions, & Voyages

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 10.06.48 AM.png

Rory’s Story Cubes are such a fun and cool way to create stories with other people. You get 1 each of Rory Story Cubes Original, Actions and Voyages     There are nine cubes in each game, with an image on each side of the cube.     Use them individually or together for unlimited story possibilities. To practice conversations and building on one another’s story, take turns picking a cube and adding the next section of the story. Go back and forth until your story is complete. What kind of crazy stories will you create together?


Summer Fun Mad Libs Junior

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 9.46.15 AM.png

This is an excellent way for kids to work together, communicate and have a silly time! It’s a fun way to help kids communicate, cooperate and take turns. Be prepared for some goofiness! This particular version of Mad Libs Junior is all about summer fun!

BONUS: Two Awesome Books!

How to Make and Keep Friends

by Nadine Briggs and Donna Shea

This book is quick and easy to read. There are ten quick tips for 50 everyday social situations, like playdates at your house, joining a group or staying on topic in a conversation. Read my review of the book here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 8.52.29 PM.png

It’s So Much Work to Be Your Friend

by Richard LaVoie

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 8.53.06 PM.png

I LOVE this book. It is full of so much helpful and practical information for parents and professionals to help kids struggling with social aspects of life. The social skill autopsy is such a great resource to help kids that I would highly recommend it if your child is struggling in social interactions.


Do It Yourself Memory Game

40 Wooden Coins & 40 Stickers with directions to make your own Memory game.

How to Make and Keep Friends

I love this book so much that I want to share it with more people!

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